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Wed, Jan 23, 2013

You can help StreetWise continue to deliver critical services to people in need by making a donation to our organization. Whether it is a donation of $1,000 or $1, every donation is a step further to helping motivated men and women in need.


1.2 million people are living in poverty in the Chicago region.
1 in 4 Chicago residents experienced poverty.
Over half a million people (535,670) in the Chicago region were living in extreme poverty in 2011.

StreetWise provides a crucial lifeline for individuals at a time when they most need it. Within 8 hours of entering our doors an individual can begin making a living, regardless of that person’s background or present situation. There are few organizations, if any, in Chicago that can make this claim.

OUR MISSION: assist Chicago area men and women who are facing homelessness achieve personal stability by providing a combination of supportive social services and immediate access to gainful employment.

Employment: Provide immediate access to a legitimate earned income for any person willing to work; and provide the training and support necessary to help our clients secure stable long-term employment.

Housing: Assure that each client is safely and stably housed; and work to move those clients living on the street or in a homeless shelter into non-shelter based housing as quickly as possible.

Financial Literacy: Provide each client with the education and support needed to successfully manage their income and expenses so they can achieve personal/financial stability.

The work of StreetWise cannot continue without the help of our donors, so we would be so grateful if you would please consider making a donation. You can mail donations to our office: StreetWise – 4554 N. Broadway, Suite 350 – Chicago, Illinois 60640, or donate on our website, at www.streetwise.org/donate/.

The StreetWise staff and participants appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you informed of the good work that StreetWise will be doing as we enter our twentieth year. Thank you!

- Jim LoBianco, StreetWise Executive Director


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