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Wed, Jan 2, 2013

In writing workshop this week the vendors wrote and talked about Thanksgiving memories and plans. The writers responded to the question, “If you could invite anyone ( living, or no longer alive) to your Thanksgiving celebration, who would you chose and what would you want to discuss?”Marcie Bearman, Writing Workshop Director

Dennis Holmes

Dennis Holmes wrote, “I would invite Martin Luther King if he wasn’t dead. It would be nice to listen to him speak for the holidays. I have a dream that Martin Luther King is my father, and if he had lived, he would be in my life.”

Gaby Carroll

Gaby Carroll wished she could invite her deceased father to her Thanksgiving celebration. She said she would want to talk to him about everything. She would like to tell him about her life the way it is now, rather than the way it was when he was alive. She would like to dance with her father again. The song she would pick is “ Dance With My Father Again” by Luther Vandross.

Besides inviting her father to Thanksgiving, Gaby would like to have other family members, as well as Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. Gaby is interested in civil rights issues. She has been to Springfield with the organization Access Living. As a group they went to Springfield on Amtrak to speak to legislators about their concerns.
At Gaby’s table she would want to open the conversation with a dialogue about respecting each other and standing up for what is right.

Gaby is grateful for her boyfriend this year. He is very nice to her. She met him at a sheltered workshop that employs people with disabilities. The workers do piecework. They assemble nuts and bolts at a work center for 50 cents an hour.

Sylvester Quast

Sylvester Quast wrote that he wants to “make like Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense and see mostly dead people at his Thanksgiving Table.” He wrote, “ I would like to pick their brains and get old-fashioned feelings of American know-how and work ethic. The world was a better place when these people were in it.”

This is a list of the people Sylvester chose to join him at his table:
Elvis Presley
Cy Young
Buddy Holly
Mark Twain
Gene Siskel
Joan Crawford

Alex Nunez

Alex Nunez would invite God, Jesus, her son Daryl, her brothers and her mom for Thanksgiving.She chose this group because she said all of these people are very special to her.

She is very grateful for all of the support she gets, and for her employment at StreetWise. StreetWise has helped Alex get back on her feet financially and this has helped her to stabilize emotionally.

Alex is proud of some of the sales techniques that she has developed recently. She makes promotional posters and buys water and small gifts to show her costumers how much she appreciates their support.

This year Alex joined a gym and she is making efforts to work out and have a healthier life style.

Alex remembered an old family recipe that she shared with us:

Chocolate Eclair Cake
*Assemble the night before and put in the refrigerator:
Graham cracker squares on the bottom of a cake pan.
Layers of banana pudding mixed with Cool Whip between graham cracker squares -layered like lasagna…
Then, on top, a thick layer of melted chocolate fudge sauce all smoothed out and creamy.
Keep in refrigerator until ready to serve. Yum!

Beth Ruegg

Beth Ruegg designed a Thanksgiving Table filled with old family members, some of whom are deceased, and some friends. She would want to ask “about the night her father left the family and about how to have better relationships.” Beth would like to suggest ways to stop taking each other for granted.

Beth wrote, “I want to ask everyone about ways to bring an end to the hatred and evil amidst other relatives and people they know.”

This year Beth is grateful for “the writing programs she is involved in and for meeting lots of nice people in Uptown.” If she could send her parents a message she wrote, “I would want them to know I keep fighting for justice for all of us.” Beth is an active advocate for victims of violent crime.


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