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Wed, Dec 12, 2012

This is possibly the last poem written by Roark Moody not long before he passed away. His family would like to share this work with the StreetWise community.

While staring deeply into my soul’s eyes
I see the evidence of super strength
I also recognized signs of lost faith
Still the question remains, do I trust God?
Am I afraid of the silence ahead?
Will my soul take a leave of absence, where
Where, pray tell, will that leave me in this life?
Alas, what sins will encircle my soul?
Will they trump the few good deeds once given?
Is the truth so painful I look away?
Is this the end of days this last winter?
Will the frost of time-cut off my last breath?
Should I make peace with my Lord Jesus Christ?
While staring deeply into my soul’s eyes!


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