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No Parades

Tue, Dec 11, 2012

Roark Moody

No parades, no celebrations Just nightmares and prayers
For the forgotten brave,
Returning home to a world lost.
Escaping the grave, returning home to
No celebrations and parades.
No celebrations no parades
just endless nightmares and prayers.
A terrible lasting horror, a manmade horror,
To be revisited
In their heads and hearts everyday
And the government looks away,
Turns away, from the condemned braveā€¦ Forgotten warriors slipping
Away. The sad lonely brave back to the world With nothing to fight for,
Nothing to save, but self! A testimonial
To the fallen, to the missing, to the
Lies. Coming home to no T.V. coverage,
No parades, Viet-Nam just a
Distant memory away.

Written by the late StreetWise Vendor, r.e. Moody


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