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“Letters” by r.e. Moody

Tue, Dec 11, 2012

Dear wife, when I’m dead and gone, I’m gonna miss girls like you, ice cream sandwiches, blue candies and freckles.
When it’s said and done I will kiss blue candy memories and four leaf clovers,
When it’s all over.
Gonna miss love sweet and pure,
Gonna miss blue candies and you.
Gonna miss the past as the present fades soft into the future to watch the universe rehearse, even though you got there first!
I’m gonna miss an empty belly, been there,
Gonna miss girls like you and freckles too, done that.I’m gonna miss ice cream cones and blue candies when I’m dead and gone.
When the curtain finally closes, I’m gonna miss music, money and mommy. The elusive trail to better ways, glory days and freckles, yes, I’m gonna miss freckles. Gonna miss ice cream dreams made of blue candies and freckles.
In this life gonna miss you, dear wife.

Undying love,
Last poet

- Written by r.e. Moody


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