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Lawrence Moody honors his brother

Tue, Dec 11, 2012

Lawrence [left] and Roark Moody, 2009

Today I lost my only remaining brother, Roark Edwin Moody. A true American Hero who fought and served for his beloved country during the Vietnam War. He was 62 years old, I am grateful that I got to spend 60 of those years in his shadow. His family was in attendance in the days before and after his death. Besides me, they included his sister-in-law, Patricia; sons Lyn and Roark II and their mothers, Faye and Christine, respectively. He was preceded in death by his parents and by his brother William.

After serving his country, Roark enrolled at Chicago State, Malcolm X and Columbia Colleges finally achieving his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Columbia College and ensuring that all three of his father’s sons had completed their college education.

He was a poet, author and lyricist. He lived a life where his every emphasis was on his spoken word. He could write with a scorpion’s sting and often did, extolling his truths to anyone brave enough to read his words. But he could also write with the beauty and grace of a Keats, Sandburg or Longfellow. His words were always full of purpose and character. He left a legacy of his works to be cared for and published by his sons.

He was my brother, my protector and my best friend. He had a phenomenal zest for life. We did everything together; from the time we shared the same bed during infancy until I bade him farewell this cloudy fall morn. We attended the same schools. Roark was a seven-letter DuSable H.S. athlete, participating in cross country, track and field, swimming, football, baseball and basketball. (One other, which I can never remember, but which he always corrected to keep the count right.) We partied, fought and rambled together. Along with a couple other H.S. friends, we loved traveling all over Chicago, administering a thorough Beat-Down to anyone brave enough to challenge the Moody Boys to a game of hoops. And we loved every minute of it. We wore our Team name proudly emblazoned on our shirts: “All Star Bomb Squad.” A name he created. And boy, did we live up to that name. We literally became legends and even to this day are often recognized on the streets of Chicago by countless victims and admirers. Roark loved to run and was a multiple marathon runner who always finished within the top 25 percent of the participants. We also had many a bicycle excursion across several Midwest states: Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. We raised families side by side. His legacy lives on in his sons Lyn and Roark II.

My brother was a man of the people. He lived the life of a starving artist in every sense of the word. For the last 10 years he sold StreetWise on the corner of Randolph and Michigan. He had a vibrant personality and was admired by so many of the millions of workers who crossed his path daily. Many of his poems have been published in StreetWise, providing a voice and outreach to throngs of supporters and many unfamiliar with his works but often converted to avid supporters as well.

He wanted his body to be donated to science in hopes that he might help others. However, medically this was not possible and so he was cremated.

Proverbs 17:17 states, “A friend; love him at all times and a brother is born for adversity.” My brother gave others an ability to challenge decorum and see beyond the status quo.

Thank you for always being there Bro. I Love You.

Written by Lawrence Moody, brother to the late Roark Moody


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