Our Vendors 

Honor the Legends

Tue, Dec 11, 2012

Roark Moody

Honor our legends, remember our leaders.
No matter the obstacles,
no matter the setbacks.
Honor your fathers,
fallen but never forgotten heroes
One and all bravely refusing
to remain slaves and treated
Like a second class citizens
even though this behavior
Meant certain death.
Remember our brothers at arms.
They fought and died, that, we may live. Embrace your sisters,
‘Cause one Thing’s certain,
they got a whole lot of love to give.
Their hearts share your pain.
The hurt’s so bad.
Know your mother’s courage,
she’s got your back.
Trust in her direction and strength.
Accept her compassion
And love. Honor your family,
honor yourself.
Honor the legends. Enlist in
a solid education.
Develop a
Strong mind and use it.
Voice your choice. Be driven to
Excel. Be proud and brilliant and always, honor the legends!

By Roark Moody


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