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Fate Sonnet: And God made flowers, too

Tue, Dec 11, 2012

Roark Moody

Throughout infinity up ‘til today,
God created the heavens and earth and clay,
The stars in the night, the fishes, the sea,
He gave us the glorious gift of life,
God gave me you and God made flowers, too,
Hallelujah, and God made flowers, too,
My soul is in touch with Jesus, my Lord,
Who died so that we may live forever,
Forever in glory in paradise,
Today I stand before Thee in prayer,
In need of your mercy and grace, dear Lord,
Today, I pray that my work is not through,
Lift my soul with thine hands, heal my weak heart,
God is, I am, and God made flowers, too

By Roark Moody


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