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A hand of Gin Romney AND Six degrees of Petraeus separation

Wed, Dec 12, 2012

A hand of Gin Romney

Scott Kale

The cards once exposed revealed a definite flaw- no aces. A couple of jokers and a three of diamonds deflected from the realization that this was a losing round. Still, those corpulent supporters sitting on the barstools behind, raged him on to glorious defeat. “Bet the House,” they bellowed. “Increase the status ante,” they advised. “Don’t stir the pot,” they cautioned “or they’ll rape you as God had not intended.”

So Romney preserved his poker face, threw down his cards, had no bespoke suits with which to win, and duly lost. Thinking he was playing whist, he retired in foreseeable defeat. Amen.

Six degrees of Petraeus separation

Now that the election is over the media was thrilled to have a new lurid topic to bat around endlessly and most probably, pointlessly. The “affair” between General David Petraeus and Major Paula Broadwell has exceeded expectations, and has drafted new officer candidates into the not very complicated geometry of their dull trysts. Now a new general and a Florida socialite have gained entry into the burgeoning adult porn show, creating a source of wonder and speculation and awe at the variability and gymnasticity of good old sex stories.

Soon to be revealed by astute and sedulous reportage is Jesse Jackson Jr.’s role in the triangles. Kevin Bacon is lurking in there somewhere.

- Written by Scott Kale, MD JD, MS

Scott A. Kale is a Chicago Internist, Rheumatologist and non-practicing attorney and has a strong interest in social policy.


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