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Vendor Poetry: ‘Last Poet Remembers Yonder Shore’

Thu, Nov 1, 2012

What lies beyond yonder shore,
where butterflies live forever more.
A timeless place in the days of yore, where the honeybees rest beneath the sycamore.
Where dost lie yonder shore?
Where doth angels unfold magnificent wings, whilst surfing the beaches on eternal streams.Where the caterpillar tiptoes across elephant ears, whilst bathing in mermaids’ tears. What a piction, the days of yore,
what lies beyond yonder shore.
The sea, the sea collects Neptune’s lore, whilst, calmly didst the sea deposit her musk ashore.What lies beyond yonder shore? Where deep space is an open door.
Yonder shore-doth fairies dine with unicorns, when gods ruled, wizards roared and giants wrestled dinosaurs… back in the days of yore.
The days of yore, where didst the hummingbird race the ocean floor, whilst riding seahorses.
Swiftly they soar, on the ocean floor!
Such splendid lore, the days of yore, splendid lore. Alas, what doth lie beyond yonder shore? What doth lie beyond yonder shore? Where only the giant dare snore. When gods ruled and wizards roared.The clouds, the clouds curtain the sky, whilst the sunsets forevermore on the timeless place, beforetime, before yonder shore.

By StreetWise Vendor, Roark Moody


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