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Issue: November 7 – November 13, 2012

November 7 - November 13, 2012-1

Inside this issue:

From housing for the growing women veterans population to ways of certifying military skills in relation to the civilian workforce, the state-s non-profit, foundation, business and public sectors lead the way.

Click HERE to read “First in U.S. project to house vet families”

Click HERE to read “Tapping veterans as ‘strategic assets’ “

To read the stories from our November 7 issue, click any of the following links:

From the Director: America’s heroes & now America’s homeless

From the Streets:

Action Now seeks non-profit trust for vacancies

Ordinances would protect voucher holders and require bank accountability to tenants

TRS pension fund earns under 1%

Entertainment: Erasing the Distance aims to end mental health stigma

Vendor Profile: Chris Clements: Learning to cope with family by his side

The Playground: Vendor Poetry- “No Parades” by r.e. Moody


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