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‘Carry Me Home’ photo essay by Stefano Leonardi

Thu, Nov 1, 2012

My name is Stefano Leonardi. I’m a photographer from Glasgow, Scotland currently working on several projects in Hong Kong. “Carry Me Home” is a series of images about hope, trust, love and mystery. All the images are shot in Hong Kong and are captioned with the area of the city they where shot. i sent the images to a writer in my home city of Glasgow, who wrote a poem inspired by the images. www.stefanoleonardiphotography.com.

“Orient” by Chris Icarus

Symbols of another kind swirl in the gloom. Said: I am what I seem and my
knowledge is already complete. Hope gripped me and the wonder of things.
And youth and age smiled benevolently at me. I said: Child. What is your
secret? She answered with her eyes saying: I am all memory of all things and
joy dances with the saints of the Orient in my soul. Observe. And do not be
afraid, Joy is for you also. See. Not with your eyes but with the souls of your
despair. Where you have walked my friend the God has walked. I wondered
at first if you where here. You are sad enough. Come, I will teach you. Believe in
me who is what I appear to be. Take this gift from my hand and cherish it. It
will darken your days with love. It will torment your peace. It will say: Symbols
of another kind swirl in the gloom. It is only I. Seek nothing else and know that
life liberates the truth. I am the truth. Hope in me.

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Sham Shui Po

Yau Ma Tei

Sham Shui Po

Yuen Long


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