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Tue, Oct 2, 2012

In the next couple weeks, you might not recognize the StreetWise office. We’re undergoing some reconstruction to promote confidentiality for the vendors and keep up with the growing program.

The pro-bono construction was made possible through the generosity of Clune Construction. CEO Michael Clune has been in greatly involved in supporting StreetWise, and recently received the Philanthropist of the Year Award at the Street wise gala.

Clune Construction’s Team will be finishing up in the next week, leaving behind a brand-new office for the vendors and other employees.

“I’m a firm believer in the confidentiality being respected, so to make the vendors that I work with comfortable, privacy is needed,” said Director of Vendor Services and former vendor Greg Pritchett. “I had to really readjust over the past year … with my new office, it allows the clients and vendors to open up, but it also helps me get my work done.”

StreetWise has been at this location for about a year, so there have been some adjustments in moving to a new building. After the gift of construction, however, it’s all falling into place.

Neither the employees nor the vendors have been slowed down since the work started about a week ago.

“We can’t miss a beat because peoples’ lives depend on it; just because we have construction doesn’t mean we can’t stop doing orientation or selling the magazines,” Pritchett said.

Looking forward to when the project is done, some of the employees will have a new office to call their own and meet with the vendors in privacy.

Thanks to this gift of construction, the StreetWise office will seem a little bit more like home — hot meals included.

“StreetWise is a family, from our vendor force all the way to our executive board; we all have a lot of things in common,” Pritchett said. “It’s all about beating the odds and working together.”

Written by Jillian Schwartz
StreetWise Volunteer


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