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Amer-I-Can ‘Bean Soup’ giveaway

Thu, Oct 11, 2012

Kublai K.M. Toure, executive director of Amer-I-Can Illinois, Inc., and member Tom Harris, are launching a free “Bean Soup” giveaway for the homeless every Wednesday at Josephine’s Cooking Restaurant, 436 E. 79th St., in an effort to stem the violence.

Saying a lot of young men are living in abandoned buildings, Toure said, “some of them come from foster homes and they don’t want to return so they get with their friends and they’re hungry. They are out here on the street.

“We think this may be one way to curb some of the violence, to show them some love. Can you give a hug to a thug and show him some love,” said Toure. Quoting the late Oscar Brown, Jr., Toure asked, “Brother, where are you?”

“We are going to feed them once a week to try to find out what services they need,” said Harris. He and Toure want to help them find a home and to get the medical care they may need.
“There are a lot of people walking the street hungry,” said Harris. “I have fed young guys who are standing in front of gas stations begging for quarters.”

Harris said he took one man to McDonald’s and fed him. He said the need is real and is a problem that could lead to violence on the street.

This program is being hosted by Amer-I-Can Illinois, the Illinois Grassroot Coalition, WE CAN, INC., Bishop Dr. Claude Porter with the PLCCA, Lion Construction and the New Life Movement.

The Bean Soup program kicked off Wednesday, September 26 at Josephine’s Cooking Restaurant.

Toure and Harris plan to register them to vote as well. “We want them to have a purpose in life which will help them feel good about themselves,” said Toure.

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