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Thu, Aug 2, 2012

“Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein

StreetWise hosts a weekly writing workshop, headed by Volunteer Marcie Bearman, to help vendors improve their compositional skills. This week in the workshop, participants discussed and wrote about what this quote from Albert Einstein meant to each of them.

Andy Allen
You may see me as a StreetWise vendor, but I am also an individual who seeks to be wise in every aspect of my life, be it in the streets, in church or in business. Wisdom includes things that cannot be measured, but are important ingredients in human re-lationships. To me, wisdom can be broken down into immeasurable qualities such as character, integrity, love and compassion. Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness (H.O.W.) to do the next right thing are very important. To know how to be streetwise or just wise, period, is what counts.

Dennis Holmes
Honesty counts. When you get money dishonestly the money you get does not count. The little money you get is what you have to work with. The way you get it is what you have to work with. The way you get it counts more than how much you earn.

Alex Nunez
People in life take about everything for granted. People really do not know what they have until it’s all gone. As a StreetWise vendor I do not take people for granted. Every dollar I receive from strangers and customers I appreciate as a great blessing.

Every rejection I get from strangers is a waste of their negative energy. It only makes me stronger and makes me work a little bit harder.

I am not only an honest person, I am a compassionate person. Even though I am a compassionate person, I can tell who is honest and who is being deceitful. Just because I am a compassionate person does not mean I let people walk all over me and take my kindness for weakness. Everyone needs compassion in their lives. But at the same time people need to be strong and wise. These are the things that count.

Beth Ruegg
People always tell me to rate things on a scale of one to 10 when discussing difficult situations, or how I feel about a particular issue. I find myself getting frustrated because certain complex political issues or potentially dangerous situations, which deeply trouble me, cannot be noted and placed in such a simple category. I believe this kind of technique limits conversation.

I believe there is a time and place for measuring with numbers. For instance, I become a numbers person when I am balancing my check book. However, I find the numbers game offensive when it comes to measuring the deep love I had for my mother. I did not want to use numbers to decide when to pull the plug and end her life even though the odds may not have been that good. I think that love is limitless and that serious situations are infinite.


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