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Vendor Essays: Cozy notes from the Cheshire Cat on the corner

Wed, Aug 22, 2012

StreetWise Vendor Beth Reugg

I saw something powerfully pleasant selling StreetWise today. I go to work with a lady who sells the magazine and I have become an attraction like the cat in Alice and Wonderland!

I met two very different types of families this morning. The families met each other when they came to see me, the Cheshire Cat! One couple had a little girl with them who was dressed up like Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. There were two children and a mother in the other family. They all looked fearful at first.
The father of “Alice” brought me some water from Starbucks. He also took pictures of me with all of the children. Soon the children and I were playing and we all forgot our troubles.

I overheard the adults talking and gave them one of my famous winks. I was trying to guide their conversation the way the cat guided “Alice” in the book. Before long the parents of “Alice” (who turned out to be lawyers ) offered to help the mother who was there with her two children. She explained to the lawyers that she and her children were staying in a shelter trying to seek refuge from a violent husband and father. The lawyers offered to help the woman navigate the complex court system.

I gave them all a very satisfied grin. This situation made me especially happy to see resolved because I, myself, have had troubles with this sort of violence and abuse.

Beth Reugg, StreetWise Vendor


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