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Dennis Holmes and his love for the Cubs

Wed, Aug 22, 2012

StreetWise Vendor Dennis Holmes

Dennis says the Cubs are his life.

The Cubs almost won the national league in 1969, he notes.

Dennis was in high school in 1969 and went for three seasons without missing many games. Dennis was not there for the game when Pete Rose spiked Ernie Banks. A short guy named Stewart told Dennis about that game. Stewart was held up during the games on the shoulders of one of the Bleacher Bums.

Kids playing in the rain at games were taught to “rain dance” during the delays. They were also taught by the fan leader to say “Home of the Cubs” after singing the national anthem at Wrigley Field.

Dennis danced at the games with a portable radio to his left ear. He spent entire games on the cat walk. People asked him what he was listening to. Dennis was listening to soul music on WVON.

Dennis has not been to the games for many years. Too expensive. Dennis wants to meet all of the Cubs. Dennis says Starlin Castro is his favorite player today – of all time, too.

Dennis says the Cubs will win the World Series this year for him.

I wish I were watching in the park (instead of watching alone at home on my TV). I wish I were walking around in the bleachers meeting people. Missing a few pitches, but being in the park. There is nothing more important than baseball. I’m a Cub’s fan now for Rizzo. Rizzo’s debut was a big hit this year!

Starlin Castro and Bryan Lahair are cubs all stars. I’m 59 years old now. I have been a fan since, 69′ when I was 16 years old!

Dennis Holmes, StreetWise Vendor


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