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Issue: August 1 – August 7, 2012

StreetWise Magazine

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The draft of Chicago’s Cultural Plan aims to improve accessibility and economic impact, which also has implications for the Chicago Public Schools and life-long learning. Our cover story comes in a three part series.
Read the plan here
Read the breakdown here
Read about the arts education overhaul here


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  1. Raymond Wohl says:

    “We want more ARTS education for our children in our schools.” That’s the number one priority that people across Chicago named at all the community listening hearings, events, truth sessions and meetings! Today we have schools without certified art teachers, without certified music teachers, dance and theater is nowhere in sight. CPS uses the words ARTS Desert to describe schools that do not have the ARTS and performing arts education all students deserve. CPS still requires 750 students in a school before the school is allocated a full time, fully funded certified ARTS teacher. This must change now. The Chicago Teachers Union and parents across the city are calling for two fully funded certified art and music teachers in every school, in every neighborhood. Visit ARTS for ALL Chicago Schools on FACEBOOK and like us!

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