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Bloody Weekend

Fri, Jul 13, 2012

Roark Moody

The following poem is made in connection with
Just another bloody weekend… 40 people shot,
Nine killed. Just another bloody weekend, just another
Bloody weekend… 35 people shot, seven dead.
Just another bloody weekend.
Parents, does your 12-year-old son have a gun?
13-year-old, are you blasting away at the kids at play
Three lay dead, on the ground, one still clutching a shot up
Basketball… game over!
14-year-old, are you involved in a drive-by,
Shooting up the block, closing your eyes. When the smoke
Clears a young pregnant mother and her unborn baby dies.
15-year-old jacking a car, slappin’ the owner across the face;
Chicago’s Finest giving chase… a shoot out ensues, you lose,
You die… your family members ask why!
16 year old standing on the corner, on your block, with a clock,
Shouting rocks, blows, park to the passer by.
Neighbors and friends afraid to leave home after dark.
Don’t you understand, already this year, more people have
Been shot and/or killed in Chicago, than troops in Afghanistan!
Can you spell Afghanistan? Do you understand geography?
Bring home the troops. The real war is in the hood.
Young people read a book. Say no to guns, gangs and drugs.
Young people go to church, not to gangbanging.
Young people, the next time you’re eating a burger,
read the sign: “Now hiring!”
Apply for the job, stop saying… I ain’t gone work for minimum wage.
You’re killing each other for less than that!
Think smart. Think Phat.
Think about a friendly weekend, a fun weekend, a family weekend.
Let’s put an end to the bloody weekends.
Young people, think about your future… think about your life!
Enjoy the summer.
Ignorance knows no bounds, but knowledge is limitless.


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