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Vendor Profile: Paul Knight, his beginning as a StreetWise Vendor

Tue, Jun 12, 2012

Paul Knight has only been working at Streetwise for a few weeks and is still looking for a good location to sell the magazine. This is actually a very important and difficult part of beginning as a vendor. I like to listen as vendors help each other with suggestions and encouragement regarding this important step to selling the magazine.

Paul came to our writing workshop for the first time this week and a couple of the other vendors gave him good ideas about possible locations. I hope he finds a successful location soon.

When I asked Paul what he likes about being a vendor he hit me with a pretty heavy answer. Paul is an advocate for free speech and used to be a foot soldier ( his own words ) for the Chicago Tribune. He believes that free speech and direct interaction with other people are very important. Working for StreetWise allows Paul to be involved in both arenas.

“Lack of caring and a wide gap between sheep and goats” is what weighs heavily on Paul’s mind. When I asked him to explain what he meant, Paul told me he thinks that people need to be more compassionate, more concerned, and more knowledgable about others. He thinks people are becoming meaner and it concerns him deeply.

Paul meditates every morning at dawn and likes to read about philosophy and religions. He tries to stay positive and enjoys days when things seem to be working in harmony. Paul likes to look around and observe the way people interact on the street or on buses, wherever he goes. “When things are in harmony,” Paul says, “people mix together and are kind to each other. They seem oblivious to separations of color, age, gender and wealth.”

I asked Paul what he would like to tell his customers and the readers of StreetWise about himself. He answered that in the past he was in business situations that he is not proud of. He says that he “is learning to be a man and to be responsible for his actions.”

StreetWise allows Paul to have and give access to free information. This opportunity has given him “a great sense of purpose.”

Paul is a new participant in our writing workshop. He told me he has been wanting to write a book and is hoping to get help in the writing workshop. I told him to come to writing workshop every week and we will work towards that goal together. Paul certainly has thoughts worthy of sharing and one day I hope to read his book and say I knew him when!

Written by: Marcie Bearman
StreetWise Contributor & Writing Workshop Coordinator


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