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StreetWise Feature: StreetWise Vendor Linda Carretero writes about her mom

Fri, May 11, 2012

I have always lived with my mom. I was raised mostly by my grandma, grandpa, and my mom. My mom and my grandpa worked hard to provide for us. My grandparents are both dead now and my daughter is still sad when she thinks about them.

I got remarried in December. Last April we sat down together and discussed our living arrangements. I have lived my whole life with my mom. She helps me with my daughter because she does not work. I work full time and my husband also works full time. We both go to Northwestern College in the evenings. My mom helps my daughter get ready for school in the mornings and helps with her homework and dinner.

We decided we would have my mom stay with us until April 2012 and so she is moving away this month. She is not moving across the street or to another neighborhood. She is moving to St. Louis. People ask how I feel knowing the time is drawing close. I say it feels bittersweet.

I am happy my mom is moving with her boyfriend into a two-bedroom house. And I am happy my husband, my daughter and I will have time alone together as a family. I feel like I can finally be an adult.

I mean, working all day and going to school, I feel as if I have missed a lot… like just coming home from work and being a wife and a mom. I want to be the one to cook and clean and help my daughter with her homework. I will be in school one or two nights a week next semester. But the rest of the week I will be home straight from work.

My best friend, Marissa, will help us keep an eye on my daughter through the transition. We bought my daughter her own phone so she can call us when she arrives home. But Marissa will be there when my husband or I have classes or are at work.

I will miss my mom. She is like a sister or a best friend. My mom is wondering how she will spend all her free time. I suggested gardening or a part-time job.

This will be a huge change for all of us but I think it will be best for everyone in the long run. I am happy about the future.

And my mom, I like to say, I raised her well!

Written by Linda Carretero,
StreetWise Vendor


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