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Fri, May 25, 2012

Broiled steak for Christmas

My family and friends tease me because I like to use the broiler when I can.

My in-laws never used theirs. Some of them didn’t know where their broiler was.

One Christmas Eve I was staying the night with my fiancé and his family. My fiancé and I got home early and planned to make a nice dinner for two before everyone else got home. We went to our meat market and I picked up two and a half huge sirloin steaks, Saran wrap and bags of salad mix and potatoes.

We went home and we got out our baking sheet,covered it with foil, and sprayed the foil down with non-stick spray. I grabbed seasoning off the shelf. I grabbed garlic powder, Italian seasoning and Adobo. I mixed it all together and spread it all over the steaks. Then I put the steaks on the baking sheet. I broiled the steaks for 12 minutes or so, on each side.

Meanwhile I wrapped the potatoes individually in Saran wrap and microwaved them for seven minutes. This is a baked potato in the microwave version.

Then we tossed the salad mix and got our plates ready.

When it was done we sat and ate together. My fiance’s sister came home. She saw we had half a steak left and asked if we could spare it. We said, go ahead. She asked if she could join us or if it was a date or something. Oh no, fine have a seat!

She took a bite and loved it. She could not stop bragging as we ate. So on another day we planned for me to come over and make steak for the whole family.
I enjoy cooking and moments like this because I can be an artist and create.

Written by: Linda Fisher
StreetWise Staff & Vendor

Bigger Than Biscuits

I had the opportunity to taste what I thought were the best biscuits in the world. When I tasted these biscuits they melted in my mouth and I was hooked.

After experiencing these wonderful biscuits I was surprised when my aunt told me she had the recipe. I am not a good cook so she gave the recipe to the children.

Shirley, my youngest, made the biscuits for the first time for Thanksgiving Dinner 2008.

Then they became the best biscuits I’ve had.

That dinner became so important because two of the family members who also enjoyed the biscuits are dead.

Now we make the biscuits to celebrate their lives.

Written by: Edward Cephus
StreetWise Vendor

Gary Margolis Ph.D, is Executive Director of College Mental Health Services Emeritus and Associate Professor of English and American Literatures (part-time) at Middlebury College. He was a Robert Frost and Arthur Vining Davis Fellow and has taught at the University of Tennessee, Vermont and Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences. His third book, Fire in the Orchard was nominated for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. His poem, The Interview was featured on National Public Radio’s The Story. Boston’s ABC Channel 5 interviewed him on the Middlebury campus reading his poem, Winning the Lunar Eclipse, after the 2004 World Series. His new book of poems, Below the Falls is a book that responds to the loss of Middlebury student Nicholas Garza, our country’s wars, and the search for things that sustain us. He is Cornwall, Vermont’s Town Poet. His daughter, Ariana, lives in Chicago and teaches third grade in the Chicago Public Schools. Her husband, Josh Moulton, is a Chicago artist.

At the Shelter
A poem by Gary Margolis

resident not inmated house
inhabited transient,
homemaking homegirl boy-

mated not squatting television
day room squandering if
someone else is up-on-their-

luck what am I down on
doing here not waiting
for perfection’s hand-ringing

hand-out out is in here
I’m inside out not out
exactly wind-standing

seen stood up for
and with for all
intents and purposes
still good not for
something the world is
good for nothing I’m free

I’m the love-I-am-made-for
work-ready not in the doorway

Lucky Picture Day
A poem by StreetWise Vendor Yvonne Martin

(We are all so lucky)
The day of pretty,
charming, smiles

Feeling so special
The day of laughter
in the spring
The warm day of color
Snap, snap, nap
A glad picture day
to be a pose
To unfold, the glamour of
a way to smile

The in scene, brought so
much joy of color,
Of white to be worn
For picture day

Powder light blue
Bouquets of ruffles
Barrettes, collars,
fancy cuffs

The dazzle of those
off settings
Unique style of class
To promote the rebirth of
the new birth of the recall
1800’s style and sense
Coordination in
diverse wear
A well combination
of the 70’s, as well as
The 1800’s so well styles


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