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2011: a year of stability and growth

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

Jim LoBianco

2011 was a year of stability and growth for StreetWise. The support of our donors, volunteers, and readers were an essential part of our achievement. Success for StreetWise is measured by our ability to provide the resources necessary for people in need to get themselves back on a path to their own personal stability and growth. For StreetWise participants, the success of the agency’s stability and growth is reflected in some of our key performance outcomes:

• In 2011 StreetWise helped over 400 new clients achieve their goals of job skills training, housing stability and financial literacy.
• Of approximately 150 clients who came to StreetWise while living in a homeless shelter, the agency placed over 100 clients in an apartment where they are paying some (if not all), of their own rent.
• StreetWise established a direct referral system with three partner agencies, (The Night Ministry, Inspiration Corporation, and LIFT) which expanded our resources and outreach. The result is our ability to serve their clients with our unique services as well as provide our participants with access to programs we do not offer in-house.
• Since its launch, the StreetWise Café has served over 13,000 meals to our participants. Providing access to healthy food at no cost.

The resources that made these metrics possible would not exist without the generosity of our financial supporters, those who give their time and energy helping out at the StreetWise office, and most importantly to our vendors, the men and women of Chicago who purchase our magazine every day.

StreetWise fills a critical need in Chicago. We provide a crucial lifeline for individuals at a time when they most need it. Within 8 hours of entering our doors, an individual can begin making a living, regardless of that person’s background or present situation. There are few organizations in Chicago that can make this claim. In the coming year, StreetWise will be expanding these employment resources so our participants can have more diverse and complex opportunities to expand their job skills.

The StreetWise family and its Board of Directors are grateful for the generosity of all those who touch our agency. We look forward to a continued partnership in our efforts to combat poverty by providing immediate access to employment and the support services to make it last.

By Jim LoBianco
StreetWise Executive Director

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. You are welcome to contact me at either jlobianco@streetwise.org or (773) 334-6600 (ext. 22).


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