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Issue: March 14 – March 20, 2012

March 14 - March 20, 2012-1

Inside this issue:

StreetWise covers the 100-year anniversary of the Girl Scouts in this Women’s History Month Feature. Our front cover is also quite special, showcasing four levels of Girl Scouts with their leaders from 1960.

StreetWise Editorial Intern Andrew Marciniak writes about the science, technology, engineering and math program (STEM)launched by the girl scouts to empower young girls to be more passionate about and involved with the fields that have been historically dominated by men. The mother of a young girl involved in the program said, “When I was first in Girl Scouts, they mostly taught arts and crafts and a lot of fun, homey type things… Now the girls get into Lego Robotics and venturing into worldly things. It’s very non-traditional now, very high-tech. You can really see how it’s building self esteem, character and courage. It’s teaching them how to be leaders and really showing the girls out there how to be strong women.”

The cover story was written by StreetWise Editor-In-Chief Suzanne Hanney. She interviews Juliette Gordon Low, who hosted the first Girl Scout troop meeting on March 12, 1912. Camping and playing basketball were the attraction for the 18 girls. A century later, Chicago members say they are still breaking ground for (young) women.

To learn more about what’s featured in this week’s edition, please watch a video preview below, hosted by StreetWise Editor-In-Chief Suzanne Hanney. And please pick up your copy of StreetWise Magazine today!


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