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Gaby Carroll: Top of her class

Wed, Feb 22, 2012

Although Gaby Carroll is still a new addition to the StreetWise team, her impact has been profound. Graduating at the top of her orientation class and making record sales her first week, her energy and magnetic personality have already won over customers and coworkers. Gaby has lived her whole life with cerebral palsy, and though she has faced many challenges in her life, she keeps a smile on her face that is contagious.

“It’s because of people like Gaby that make me very happy to be doing what I have been doing for 11 years, and it makes me happy to come into work each morning,” said Greg Pritchett, the director of distribution and vendor services. “Gaby woke up that morning and had no idea that at the end of the day she would be a StreetWise vendor. She has a beautiful heart and she is a beautiful person.”

When Gaby isn’t busy vending, she likes to spend her time with friends socializing. If fact, she is already known around the StreetWise office for her engaging personality and friendly conversations. Outside of work she hangs out with her closest friend Rahnee.

“I know I can call her in times of need. We go out to movies and we go to the mall, and she had a New Year’s Eve party that I went to,” said Gaby of her friend.
Gaby’s outgoing personality and friendly demeanor make her a great salesperson, but she also enjoys expressing her creative side as an artist. She hopes in the future to sell her artwork, and has created original paintings and drawings through an organization called The Arts of Life, Inc.

Though it is hard to imagine, considering Gaby’s engaging energy, she has also faced many struggles in her life. Living her whole life with cerebral palsy, a disorder within the brain and nervous system, people are not always understanding or compassionate. Fortunately, Gaby has a strong support system and an even stronger determination.

“It’s hard. You get people making fun of you, you get people picking on you, you get laughed at,” said Gaby. “I’ve been living with it all my life, and so I am pretty used to getting made fun of. I talk to my friends and my family and that helps out a lot.”

Now Gaby can add StreetWise to her support system, as she continues to work hard as vendor and pursue her goals to gain more independence and stable income. Working near the Water Tower area downtown, Gaby employs creative techniques and sales pitches to win over her customers.

“[I] go to a spot where you see people walking through every day. I just yell ‘StreetWise,’ and sometimes I like to tease the guys and I’m like ‘hey you want to buy StreetWise for your girlfriend or spouse?’,” Gaby explained with a smile.

Only two weeks into her vendor work at StreetWise, Gaby shows great potential to continue to develop and expand her skills. Of course, the delicious food and friendly conversations around the office are always an added bonus.

“I’m very proud of Gaby and looking forward to seeing her progress and stay happy because she really disserves it,” said Pritchett.


3 Responses to “Gaby Carroll: Top of her class”

  1. Lia says:

    I bought my very first Streetwise in Chicago from Gaby. She was so friendly and told me all about the magazine and what Streetwise is all about. She’s a beautiful person and I’m so happy she’s doing well! I now buy from Jeff, my local Streetwise vendor, but if I ever see Gaby again I will support her!!!

  2. barb k. says:

    i met gaby a few years ago thru another friend. we all had been out of touch until a week or so ago i was at mcdonalds at chicago and state when i saw her there. i called her over and we talked and she told me about being a streetwise vendor. i have to agree her personality is contagious! she has a great smile and positive outlook on life! bless your heart gaby!

  3. Janice says:

    YAY Gaby! I’ve known and loved Gaby for years. She has been a wonderful ambassador for the Disability Pride Parade. Everyone should join us this Saturday and support disability pride, justice and love
    Sat., July 20, Dearborn between Van Buren and Randolph, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Entertainment at Daley Plaza

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