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Wed, Jan 11, 2012

Jim LoBianco

The vision of StreetWise magazine is to be Chicago-centric and socially conscious. Every week the editorial staff does an excellent job providing fresh coverage of important events in and around Chicago. We try to give our readers an appreciation for the struggles that those Chicagoans trapped in a cycle of poverty face every day, whether it be homelessness, unemployment, domestic abuse, or one of the many other stressors that add to the burden of poverty.

While focusing on Chicago is core to the magazine’s mission, the staff also includes, in almost every edition, stories from across the country and around the world. We at StreetWise feel it is equally important to give our readers a perspective on the similarities and the differences on the issue of poverty in Chicago as compared to near and far.

In this week’s edition we are excited to dedicate the entire magazine to stories outside of Chicago. With the world economy in such crisis, we thought it important to specifically highlight how men, women and children in other cities and nations are coping. From riots in Greece to protests in Moscow to the Occupy demonstrations going on in cities all over the U.S., the issues of poverty and economic justice are on the minds of citizens in every city of every nation.

Thanks to our partner association, the International Network of Street Papers (INSP), we have seven great stories to share:
• Cape Town, South Africa, “Reflections on Youth” by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
• Washington D.C., “U.S. Poverty: Living on less than $4.50 a day”
• Chilanga, Zambia – “Palliative AIDS care in Zambia”
• The Philippines – “Vendor provides for her Family”
• St. Petersburg, Russia – “A Day in the life of a Vendor”
• Nashville – “Vending on Nashville streets”
• Poland – “Vendor captures Krakow”

INSP members maintain the Street News Service, which every week circulates stories from affiliate newspapers and magazines in the same manner as the Associated Press, United Press International or Reuters.

At StreetWise we recognize that the experiences of our clients/vendors are not happening in a bubble. The pitfalls, roadblocks and tragedies that the men and women of StreetWise face daily are mirrored by vendors at our 100-plus sister papers in 40 nations around the globe. We hope you enjoy our International Edition, and that it brings you closer to life of a person in need, regardless of whether that person is hundreds of miles away or thousands.

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. You are welcome to contact me at either tipline@streetwise.org or (773) 334-6600 (ext. 18).

Jim LoBianco
StreetWise Executive Director

Featured in the January 11 – January 17, 2012 Issue of StreetWise Magazine.


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