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Roark Moody Poetry –

‘Last poet asked, ‘What’s up?”

Wed, Nov 9, 2011

What’s up with this homelessness thing? What’s this thing all about?
What is this all consuming place? What’s up?
Misunderstood poor beggers exist off spare Change and handouts.
What’s it all about?
What my eyes shut out is both sad and harsh.
What my heart lacks, it never had from the start.
What my mind sees is shallow and Will remain missing, apart From all this, you asked what’s homelessness Have to do with me!
I’m glad you asked, as a matter of fact, When you’re hungry,
There is nothing you wouldn’t do.
When you’re hungry and homeless you won’t back up.
You won’t be stepped on, ‘Cause when you’re faced with nothing
To eat and nowhere to sleep you become less tolerant,
But don’t get it twisted, homelessness is a condition!
What is this thing called homelessness?
Listen, America must pay for her sins!

By r.e. moody

Bio: Moody Roark (poet name ‘r.e. moody’) is a Vietnam veteran who has always set a good example for other vendors. He works hard, has a great rapport with his customer base and cares about the people with whom he interacts. He is also a very talented poet and began writing poetry at the age of 12. You can see many of his poems published within the magazine, including two of his favorites, “Homeless” and “It,” featured above. StreetWise is also currently working on publishing his rhymes in a StreetWise Vendor Poetry book.Moody has a degree from Columbia College and has worked in an Illinois state government department as an editor until he was laid off in 1994. After working several jobs, he made his way to StreetWise and he feels as if it were fate, because he’s able to pursue his life-long dream of being a poet. “I’m really enjoying my second career of sharing my poetry with the StreetWise readership.”


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