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Bruce Crane

Mon, Jul 18, 2011

StreetWise Volunteer of the Year

Bruce Crane graduated from Grinnell College where he majored in physics and pursued his interests in business and sound engineering. It was there that volunteering and community service started to resonate with fund raising, blood drives, recycling, and student activities. Thus, taking volunteer work seriously has been a hallmark of his career and personal life.

After growing up in the family business environment, he joined his father at Crane Carton Company in 1982 where Mr. Crane helped grow the business fourfold, becoming Chief Operating Officer in 1994. In 2000, Mr. Crane sold the business, one of the nation’s largest independent carton companies, to Caraustar Industries where he stayed on as General Manager until 2004. The business continues to be very successful on Chicago’s west side.

Mr. Crane has served on, and chaired, many industry, association, and philanthropic boards, including the Chicago Family Business Council and the Family Business Association of Illinois. Though Mr. Crane is proud of his business accomplishments, family stewardship, and social service, he is honored to have found so much satisfaction in his many volunteer endeavors. As such, he finds it challenging to respect companies, and their leaders, who do not make corporate citizenship a primary value.

Mr. Crane currently serves on the following boards: StreetWise, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Temple Beth Israel, Greater Chicago Jewish Festival, Northwestern Center Industrial Group, among others.


3 Responses to “Bruce Crane”

  1. naomi Stern says:

    What kind of reply? I left a message already.

  2. Marcie Bearman says:

    Hi Bruce! I am the writing workshop teacher at streetwise.
    I recently found out from Luke Kolman, when we were talking about streetwise and he mentioned your name, that you are Karen Hammity Kolman’s cousin. Of course, when luke told me about your connection it made perfect sense. The eyes run in the family.
    She was one of my very best friends. Very best.
    That’s it. Just a funny little world sometimes. I miss her and I am sure you do too.

  3. Bruce Crane says:

    Marci, I just saw this! So funny to find that small world connection. I love the volunteer work you do at SW! I know the writers group misses you this summer, They were meeting today in fact…See you in the fall.

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