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Vendor Profile: Positivity, family, and StreetWise

Wed, Jun 8, 2011

Leonard Losoya is a StreetWise vendor who without a doubt understands the value of family, faith, and ambition. But his purpose in life has not always been so clear. Three years ago, Leonard found himself living on the streets after run-ins with the law for drug dealing and addiction.

“I was down on my luck, I had $2 in my pocket and a bus card and I was praying at night. And I said, ‘Lord, you gotta give me something, I need a job, I got a child on the way,’” said Losoya.

A friend of his suggested that he check out StreetWise to help him get back on his feet. “I got my magazines [and I] didn’t sell any that day. I was still new to it. But I figured I’d go to Wabash and Roosevelt and I started hanging there and I made $60 in my first day on four hours. After that, I was like, ‘StreetWise is for me, man,’” explained Losoya.

Today, Losoya has turned away from his dark past and puts all his efforts into his job to support his family. “I read the articles so that I can converse [with my customers] about the articles. I tell them to check out streetwise.org and tell them what you can find there. I mean, I’d rather know what I’m talking about… how do I know to tell you to check something out and I’ve never looked at it myself?” Losoya said.
Losoya’s selling tactics are also quite unique. “A lot of people say, ‘You project quite well. I can hear you down the street almost by the museum.’ And I say, ‘Well, I want you to know what I’m selling. Come check it out.”

And even on his slow selling days, Losoya refuses to let that get him down. “I try to make sure that even though you don’t buy from me, I tell you to have a good day. If I put a smile on your face, then you’re more likely to tell another person to have a good day. So therefore, it goes on,” he said.

And according to Losoya, sales are in his blood. In his past, he’s also worked as a manager at a Dollar Store and also as a salesperson at Dominick’s introducing new products.

As Losoya works harder in his sales with StreetWise, he ensures that whatever time he has after work is spent with his two young children, Samuel and Serenity. “Every day I spend with them makes every day in the street worth it. It’s just peace of mind making sure they’re taken care of. That quality time, that’s all you got,” he said.

Losoya has a bright future as he strives to expunge his record so that he may pursue the sales jobs in which he has so much promise. “I’m trying to get a good job and raise my children right. I’ve got everything going good, thanks to the Lord.”


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