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Vendor Population:

The StreetWise vendor population is comprised of adults who meet the federal Department of Health & Human Services definition of poverty, including individuals who are: low-income, unemployed or receiving public assistance, public housing residents, disabled, homeless, and/or those transitioning from incarceration. Individuals come to StreetWise for different reasons. For most, StreetWise is a path to full-time employment, self-respect, and economic stability. Vendors generally fall into two categories:

  • Bridge Employment: vendors come to StreetWise for access to an immediate way to stabilize their economic and living situation. Vendors in this category will avail themselves of the agency’s social service supports while also focusing on their magazine sales. The outcome is that, once the vendor has earned enough to lift him/her out of crisis, and has been connected to the necessary support services, the vendor can focus on achieving employment outside the agency.
  • Long-Term Supplemental Support: Vendors integrate their employment at StreetWise into their daily life and use it as a consistent means of income and support. These vendors will, from time to time, use the social services and communal supports offered by the agency; however, they have achieved significant stability and primarily use StreetWise magazine sales as a source of long-term supplemental income.

Become A StreetWise Vendor

Earn Money Today When you Become a StreetWise vendor.

To offer an informational meeting to you organization about becoming a StreetWise vendor or to bring a group to the StreetWise office contact Pam Frye, Vendor Recruiting Coordinator at pamfrye1@comcast.net

Orientation: Mondays and Thursdays 10:00 a.m.

Where: StreetWise, 4554 N. Broadway Ave., Suite 350

For Further Information: Contact StreetWise (312) 829-2526, ask for Greg

Shop at these Chicago business for unique items made by StreetWise vendors.

15% of your purchase will go to StreetWise

The Fair Trader: www.thefairtraderchicago.com

Andersonville Galleria: www.andersonvillegalleria.com/exhibitors.html

Jackie’s Hallmark: www.hallmark.com

Praha: www.yelp.com/biz/praha-chicago

Stellar 26: www.stellar26.com

I Can Flourish: www.icanflourish.com

Maya Essence: www.casaguate.org

Or shop online at:

Five Accessories: www.fiveaccessories.com

The poetry of Moody Roarke

Take a moment to read our vendor’s Roark Moody’s poetry.

Click here to read more poetry

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