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MLB All-Star Game

Mon, Jul 20, 2015

StreetWise vendors talk Chicago sports
Vince: We’re here to talk about the baseball All-Star game. Now…all sports have an All-Star game, but the biggest one I believe is baseball and so what we want to talk about is a few issues about that All-Star Game. First thing I want to talk about are are there any Cubs and Sox worthy of going to the All-Star game? Lets start off with you Bill…

Bill: Okay, well I would say that Anthony Rizzo would be at least considerable. He’s got some tough competition though, there’s an overload of really great first basemen right now in terms of hitting as well as fielding and I couldn’t find much data on fielding, but I did vote for Rizzo myself just ‘cause I’m a “home boy”, not a Cubs fan, but I did vote for the homies.

Vince: Alright…we got stat-master, John Hagan. Take it away John.

John: Anthony Rizzo for the Cubs and Kris Bryant also for the Cubs and if there’s any White Sox, I’m gonna go with Chris Sale. I don’t think that every team should have a representative because I think that cheats out other players that are more deserving, but since we do honor that role than I think Chris Sale would be the only White Sox that’s worthy.

Russell: Okay…I agree with John too, for the Cubs, I’ve got to say Rizzo and Kris Bryant and then maybe a couple of their pitchers…maybe Arrieta, he’s pretty good there. Now for the White Sox…Chris Sale because he’s the only one I think that’s having a good year and the Sox are underachieving but if I had to pick a player, it’d be Jose Abreu.

Vince: The baseball All-Star game in my opinion is the biggest All-Star game of them all. I mean in basketball they don’t play any defense until the end, and in football all the guys just go see the hula girls and nobody wants to get hurt getting slammed in the Pro-Bowl. So what are your guys’ feelings about the All-Star game and the importance of the All-Star game in baseball?

Bill: Of course I’m a baseball fan but this game is by far more seriously played. For one thing, the starting pitchers only have to throw a couple of innings… If they had played the whole game, they’d probably let-up just like they do in the other games but they can go in there for two or three innings and pitch at their normal rate. They probably don’t go in there like a reliever would, I mean their not going to throw their ultimate pitches but they’re seriously pitching and a guy like Chris Sale is hard to hit on. So it is by far the best All-Star game, I don’t watch the others. They’re a joke. They’re boring really; the other games are just sheer boredom.

John: Baseball is the one actual All-Star game. The Pro-Bowl…they should put dresses on the football players. And with the NBA, like you said Vince…I agree, no defense. And you might as well not have a goalie for the NHL All-Star game either. A score unheard of: 10-9 in hockey?! Nope. I mean there are certain teams—I remember the Blackhawks in the 1980s—that would take a week to get 10 goals, a week and a half! So that’s not a rule. Baseball is the one that’s close to being an actual game but the other ones are so obviously not that you might as well cancel them. It’s like it’s become such a celebrity and such a joke.


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