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Spring Renewal

Mon, May 4, 2015

John Hagan
Spring gives us a new lease on life. In springtime we enjoy baseball, outdoor basketball, and many other outdoor activities, including picnics and BBQ cookouts.
Spring is a time to shed off heavy clothing, jackets become more stylish and fun to wear. Wintertime clothes are a chore to find and put on for protection. Heavy gloves and hats are not required in the spring.
Not all is fun and happiness. During spring we have rain showers, thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes. Even though there are periods of rain, with spring comes optimism. The flowers are booming, leaves are growing and there is excitement knowing that pool season is around the corner.
StreetWise sales also go up as we spring our way back to life.

A. Allan
Spring time is a time of renewal. Nature itself expresses it when the green leaves and beautiful flowers return to express their warmth and vibrant presence. It’s the time when the good weather changes the atmosphere. People seem to be happier when the weather changes from cold to warm. The change is not only in attitudes and happy faces but also in a way people dress. They wear fewer layers and lighter colors. The loud pinks and pastels look brighter.
We are soon going to enjoy summer events. We can go to the beach, take a walk in the park, ride a bike, swim in a lake or fly a kite. The options are unlimited when you look at what the great outdoors has to offer.
But more important, is that the doors of our own minds can offer us this wealth of spring. We can decide to spring into action and make choices we have never made. We can do things we have never done. Just as nature comes back to spring after the harsh winter, we can come back from a stagnate state, like the spring season, to renewal and to a victory state.
It’s a matter deciding to do the right things for the right purpose. This is the spring time for the inner you as well as outer you. Everything in nature says it’s a spring time. What do you say? The choice for you, it is yours.
Let’s spring into action by making better choices this spring.

Sam Stephan
I am looking forward to finally getting my graduate degree in early May. My life has taken a lot of side roads and detours, and I was eventually able to buckle down and acquire a post-secondary education.
I am proud of my accomplishment and I am hoping to do good work with my Master degree.
This spring will definitely be one of transition and renewal for me.


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