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Mon, May 18, 2015

chipsignDonald Morris, a long-time StreetWise vendor, is a frequent visitor at Chipmunks American food diner located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood at 438 West Diversey Parkway. When it comes to selling StreetWise magazines, vendors need a quick place to grab a bite to eat so they don’t miss those sales. Donald says that Chipmunks provides “high-quality and fast food where I know I can be in and out and back on the streets selling magazines.” Donald also loves that Chipmunks is open every day of the week at 11:00am and stays open until 9:00pm, except for Sundays when they close at 8:00pm.

Chipmunks has a clean environment and a casual, no frills atmosphere. The staff takes your order at the counter and calls you when your order is complete. Once you pick up your meal, you are not bothered while you eat. Even though the staff does not wait on diners, Donald states that it’s an inviting diner with friendly service. “If you need something, they’ll get it for you. Just ask!”

Chipmunks provides delicious food at affordable prices for the average, as well as, the busy person. Donald encourages people to visit this establishment as, “You won’t spend more than $7.00 on any meal and you can’t find this affordability elsewhere in the neighborhood.” Donald especially enjoys their gyros and small, crunchy fries. “They always give me extra meat and fries and I always feel full when I leave! I always have extras to bring back with me.” Donald also raved about the variety of sides they offer such as tamales, cup of chili, onion rings, breaded mushroom, pizza puffs, and more.

Chipmunks is also “so close to so much,” expressed Donald. It’s a short walk to The Landmark Theater, Diversey Halsted Shopping Center, and the Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory; making this a great dining option for the area. You’ll be able to savor a Chipmunks’ charred polish, fries, and a drink on your way for a day of shopping, gyros to enjoy while sitting on a park bench in Lincoln Park with a friend, or grabbing a quick meal before a movie. With summer quickly approaching, be sure to visit Chipmunks for a meal you know will be easy, delectable, and low-cost.

Donald Morris

Donald Morris


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