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Mon, Apr 27, 2015

Donald Morris

Donald Morris

By Donald Morris and Ben Zarit

Donald Morris, a long time StreetWise vendor, recently visited Baker & Nosh, a coffee shop that specializes in fresh-baked bread and pastries. Baker & Nosh is located in Uptown at 1303 W. Wilson. It is the smell of baking bread and pastries hot from the oven that draws people to this unique establishment. Specialty scones and biscuits are available, and Donald remarked that the cinnamon rolls are both “beautifully made and beautifully decorated”. The scones with cheese were especially tempting, and are certainly on the agenda for a return visit. They also serve breakfast, and while Donald did not have a chance to sample it, he intends to go back another time.

Another unique aspect of Baker & Nosh is their extensive collection of exotic teas. Donald, a green tea connoisseur, tried an Irish green tea and thought it was excellent. He thought the tea was distinct, “a different flavor and different taste”. With so many coffee shops in Chicago, Baker & Nosh offers an alternative option for an enjoyable hot beverage.

Baker & Nosh “is definitely not Starbucks”. Donald thought it had a distinct California atmosphere and did not feel like it belonged in Chicago. There was a friendly, professional atmosphere and the staff was both kind and helpful. The staff took time to talk to every customer, making Donald’s experience very pleasant.

Baker & Nosh also offers baking classes, with sessions focusing on the basics of baking either bread or croissants. Classes are held every Monday and Tuesday evening.

With summer finally approaching, Baker & Nosh provides open outdoor seating for their customers to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee along with a fresh baked pastry. For any kind of weather, Baker & Nosh offers a refreshing experience for pastry lovers as well as coffee and tea drinkers. Donald hopes his customers and all other EatWise readers will get a chance to enjoy Baker & Nosh as much as he did.


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