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The Bulls and the NBA playoffs

Tue, Jan 20, 2015

sportwise wo billJohn: As you know, football is over with, so basketball is the subject of conversation around Chicago. Not only are the Chicago Bulls the favorites in the East, but how do the Bulls stand up to the likes of San Antonio, Memphis, Houston, and the Golden State {California]?

Russ: I don’t know about San Antonio, I think the Bulls can handle them this time.

John: Yes. Despite the fact that they seem to be resting their players and they seem to be a tough match up for anybody! And how about Houston? How do they handle Dwayne Howard [Houston’s Center]?

Russ: I think they’ll do a good job on Howard. If they attack him, there’ll be no problem beating Houston.

John: And no one knows about Memphis, but they are the best-kept secret in the NBA. Golden State too, but particularly Memphis.

Vince: Yeah, they are a dangerous team, they haven’t won anything yet, but they’re dangerous.

Russ: The Bulls have beat Memphis; as a matter of fact they snapped their winning streak!

Vince: I think that the Bulls are matched very well with all of these teams. The Bulls have depth, speed and strength. The problem I have with the Bulls right now is that they will build a lead, and they will begin to give that lead away. We just saw recently how the Bulls had a 16-point lead over the Pacers, and the Bulls barely one by two! It’s a reoccurring thing. It’s an area of concern. We need to keep those leads.

John: There’s a difference between playoffs and finals too, don’t forget that. When Playoff time comes, teams handle things differently. So just because they are doing so well now, doesn’t mean it will happen during the finals.

Russ: There is no team that I am worried about preventing the Bulls from winning the East.

Vince: Derrick Rose is the most dangerous player in the east! Here is a guy that will walk that ball slow, and then he takes off! He makes your defense crazy! When he is in full form, man he is dangerous.

John: We all agree that the Bulls are the favorites in the East. Cleveland is disappointing, no body cares about Atlanta, and Washington is good, but not quite as big. They don’t even need a perfect Derrick Rose. Their defense is really starting to clamp down. They are a team that is not just a challenge in the finals, but maybe even be able to win it this year. I bet Russ would love to have that parade in Grant Park this year!

Russ: Sure would.


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