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Vendor Poll: What Issue Means Most to You?

Tue, Oct 28, 2014

We asked our StreetWise vendors what issues mattered most to them. Here is what they said.

StreetWise vendor Jason MetzdorffJason Metzdorff
Vendor location: Sheridan and Foster, starting in November

“My concern is straightening out the state’s budget … Both [governor’s] candidates have a hard sell to the voters in general. In the past we had problems balancing the budget and a lot of programs were cut, especially educational. Hopefully whoever becomes governor will take those issues and try to straighten out our government where they can spend money on essential programs they cut in the past.”

StreetWise vendor Lawrence BrownLawrence Brown
Vendor location: Wicker Park

“Illinois has got so many choices to harp on I don’t know where to start. The pension thing. They don’t have a clue how they are going to fix it. The Republicans don’t have a clue, the Democrats don’t have a clue. It’s just eating away at our money. People doing the
9 to 5 thing paying into their pensions, they aren’t going to see any of it because it is being used to pay out for these pensions that are coming up. If somebody doesn’t do something about it soon, it won’t be solvable.”

StreetWise vendor Oluwaseun J. ArijeOluwaseun J. Arije
Vendor location: Barry and Clark

“From this year, 2014, more people have been laid off or just unable to get another job and land back on their feet in employment and increase their income. Whether we reelect Gov. Quinn or we elect the next person to take on Springfield I just want to make sure next year we can start lowering unemployment, we can keep giving more people jobs and have programs. It’s easier to scapegoat the people than to research and figure out how we can put people back in jobs, give people programs, train them, put people to work increasing their income.”

StreetWise vendor Russell AdamsRussell Adams
Vendor location: Clark and Lake, Washington and Wells

“Employment, housing and health care. More jobs need to be created, do more for health care and public housing. Better public housing, affordable housing. I went to the suburbs the other day, and the price of two bedrooms was almost $2,000. Wow, a person making $8 an hour couldn’t afford that. Employment, if people are working instead of running the street committing crime …that’s the reason, no jobs. Or they couldn’t afford health care. I am a veteran I can go to the VA Hospital anytime I want to except for dental. But other people. They can’t afford Obamacare if they are on public aid. How do you pay for it? You go to the [Cook] County [Medical Center]. I know a guy that’s sick. He said, ‘I am not going to the County Hospital and sit there all day long.’ He said, ‘The hell with it, [I’ll] just die.’ ”

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