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Perspectives on Autumn

Tue, Oct 28, 2014

This week in the StreetWise Writing Workshop, vendors wrote about the autumn season and what it means to them.

StreetWise vendor John HaganBy John Hagan
My perspective on fall is different than in years past. Now my perspective on fall is the MLB pennant races, playoffs and the World Series, while in the past it was anticipating the upcoming NFL season. The reason for my different perspective is due to the NFL no longer being about events on the playing field, but about the bad behavior from the pro athletes, debating whether the Washington Redskins’ name is a racial slur and lawsuits involving players suffering concussions and other injuries, which makes the NFL unwatchable.
Aside from sports, my perspective on fall leads to the weather getting colder, days getting shorter, swimming pools and beaches closing and other outdoor activities winding down, which leaves me and most other people depressed and forced inside to watch sports on TV.

StreetWise vendor Andy AllenBy A. Allen
Autumn is the time of year we see leaves shedding from the trees. When I see the leaves falling I am reminded to shed: to let go of some things, just as the leaves that are so beautifully green still dry up and fall away.
It appears to be a loss of beauty, but it is really not. Fall is the time of year that makes room for the new. So in my life I must be prepared to let go of the old and allow room for the new. People get rid of the summer clothing and buy or exchange it for winter clothing. In our personal lives we must find room for new ideas. I look forward to getting rid of things that are not necessary in favor of things that can be productive. Out with the useless, in with the useful. When we look at all the seasons, when we weigh it all, “It’s All Good:” winter, spring, summer or fall. I am grateful for it all.

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