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Jackie Robinson West All-Stars

Tue, Sep 23, 2014

StreetWise vendors know their sports! [Clockwise] Russell Adams, John Hagan, Moderator Bill Coats and Mohammad Stout (not pictured) talk about the Jackie Robinson West All-Stars Team and their success.

Bill: Today, we are going to talk about the fantastic Jackie Robinson Team right here in our own backyard!
John: That’s right, from the South Side of Chicago, I believe.
Bill: Yeah, and how exciting it is; people have been excited to the point that the story was on the front page of the Tribune this morning!
John: Also, I think that it is a great thing that they have stations on it so a lot of people can watch Little League baseball, because maybe we can get more kids involved in baseball. Baseball is a great game, despite the fact that it is a slower-paced sport compared to basketball, hockey, and football. It is the only sport, too, that doesn’t have a time clock – you have to play all nine innings though they might play seven innings, in this case. Am I correct?
Mohammad: If you’re a kid, and you see yourself on a front page of any newspaper – I don’t care how small or how big your town is, it is going to give you some type of charge, unless you aren’t human, so I’m happy for that. I love baseball – when I was growing up, people played a lot of baseball, softball, stuff like that; and then things changed to basketball, boxing and everything else, but I still have that love for baseball. I hope that it comes back.
Russell: And for myself, I love baseball, too. And what’s happening to the Little League is very, very exciting. I’m proud of the young guys. They have gone a long way and been through a lot. And look where they are now. They work hard and there isn’t anything in the way. I’m proud of them.
Bill: Me too, and somebody did some great planning and
had help. There are coaches, parents, the fields, and I know that the Cubs and Sox have both been investing a lot of
money than they ever did before on equipment, park district money, fixing up those fields. I don’t know if you ever noticed, but those fields are nice now; they used to be just filled with grass and trash.
John: I think that they are hiring the right people to do the work.
Bill: Somebody has definitely done a good job and the kids – the honors go to the kids.
Mohammad: Absolutely, giving kids the chance to play on those fields like that – and practice, it really is something.
Bill: Yeah, I noticed it in the bars, they always have the baseball game on. In fact, I was at the field last night, and they were replaying Boston versus Toronto or something, but all of a sudden there is a Little League ad on the big ‘tron and the crowd got more excited the whole night over that, so that was absolutely fantastic.
Russell: It’s good for the city too. It really makes people and the baseball fans happy – brings more faith to the sport.


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