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Sox & Cubs: ‘The best for both of them’

Mon, Jul 14, 2014

[Clockwise] Craig Barrow, Russell Adams, Vince Collaso and Moderator Bill Coats

[Clockwise] Craig Barrow, Russell Adams, Vince Collaso and Moderator Bill Coats

StreetWise Vendors know their sports! Craig Barrow, Russell Adams, Vince Collaso and Moderator Bill Coats make commentary on the Cubs and Sox pitching lineup.

BILL: I’m more of a Sox fan than a Cubs fan, but I think we have some Cubs fans here.

VINCE: I’m a Cubs fan, but I’m also a Sox fan. I just want the best for both of them.

B: I hadn’t realized how good Rizzo was playing this year. His regular batting average isn’t that great, but boy, his home base percentage [is great].

V: He’s got a good eye. The Cubs have been fortunate [to have] Rizzo playing first base. The Cubs have had some solid first basemen over the years. Since he bats from the left side, that right field is nice and comfortable. If you’ve got a little power, you can pop it over that right-hand wall, especially with the wind blowing out. Now, [Jeff] Samardzija. Samardzija is the business. Jeff is being robbed where he is, but the Cubs should get a lot for him if they trade him. With Samardzija, do you hold on to him and struggle with him a little bit, or do you let him go and [watch as] he be- comes beautiful.

Hold onto him! [The other day] they were trying to offer him a contract!

V: He should be the centerpiece of that team.

R: I wouldn’t trade somebody like that, especially a pitcher. We need all the pitching we can get!

I was thinking, if the Sox are going to move anywhere, they have to move to Cuba. Right now you have [Jose] Abreu, who’s just a killer of a hit- ter. You can’t throw him the same pitch twice. If you do, he’ll hit it. Not since the Big Hurt and Frank Thomas and Richie Allen have we seen guys that hit the ball so hard. He hits one out and you go “Whoa! It’s gone.” The sound of it, the look of it… that sucker is gone.

CRAIG: The outfielders don’t even turn around, they know it’s gone.

B: So he can really hit, and we’ll see, but I think the future of the Sox is really dependent on it. The other real star is Ramirez. I’m just impressed every day at his range and his abilities. He’s batting .310 now and when he hits, you’ve got a real star there.

Both teams have some players that have potential to be stars and I hope that the Cubs and the White Sox will decide, at the end of the season, after they add everything up, that they will make a free agent move in a certain place where they need it in order to speed things up. We don’t want to rebuild the plan completely from the last five years, let’s see some challenge for the playoffs now.

B: They’re both in weak divisions, so they have a chance.

R: I do want to say some- thing. I hope that one day I’ll get to see both the Cubs and the White Sox in the World Series. That way we can see once and for all, the Cubs and the White Sox fans, who’s the greatest.

V:I do want to say that as a StreetWise vendor, at my spot, I’m near the Metra [station]. When Cubs fans leave the game early, they pass by me. Last year, I remember when the Cubs played the Sox in the city championship game, and the Cubs had won. The Cubs fans were feeling so good. They had so many beers that they were just pouring themselves down the street and they even tipped me! We were singing “Go Cubs Go” and that’s just a regular season game. Now if there were to be a World Series game, the Bears would almost be totally forgotten, and the Hawks would take back seats for that!

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Coordinated by Marissa Diekhoff
Moderated by Bill Coats


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