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Meet Andy Pappas

Tue, Jul 15, 2014

Andy PappasHow did you find StreetWise/Get into StreetWise?
When Andy first found StreetWise, he was downtown and a vendor asked him if he wanted to purchase a StreetWise magazine. Andy purchased StreetWise and then asked if the vendor knew where he could be employed. The vendor directed him to StreetWise.

How long have you been employed with StreetWise?
He has been employed as a vendor for 4 years.

What did you do before StreetWise?
After high school, he dabbled in many positions: bus boy, dish washer, pizza delivery man, security guard. “I was on my own and I figured I had to have some sort of income to pay my hotel bill,” he said.

What do you like about working at StreetWise?
“I am glad I am in an employed environment. I love being part of the family at StreetWise.” Plus, he says he’s happy for the income. He doesn’t have a huge following of buyers, but it is his income, nonetheless.

Where do you vend your magazines?
Van Buren and Wells. He says he must be on the 6 p.m. bus home because of his curfew with the nursing home where he lives.

How do you approach your customers?
He approaches with a smile and a “Good afternoon, would you like to buy StreetWise?” He asserts that he takes a nice approach and a gentlemanly approach.

What is your family situation like?

Andy explained that he has no contact with wife and his two boys. He has two living brothers, Chris and Bobby, who he has no contact with. Chris lives in California and Andy cannot get in touch with him because his phone does not make long-distance calls. The last time he heard from Chris was when he informed him that his mother had passed away from cancer.

What are your goals in life and with StreetWise?
Andy would like to get himself and his girlfriend out of the nursing home. He hopes to marry his girlfriend of one year, Paige, and also get her to work at StreetWise. He also hopes to get his own apartment and to finalize his divorce from his wife. Lastly, he would like to get another part-time job to receive a paycheck to help with the food and bills.

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