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Vendor Voices: Vendors on health care and taking responsibility

Wed, Nov 13, 2013

During the StreetWise Writing Workshop – directed by Volunteer Marcie Bearman – StreetWise vendors write various themed essays and poetry each week to strengthen their writing skills.

Andy AllenWho is responsible?
By A. Allen

Should the government take all the responsibility for our health care or do we have some responsibility too?

I think the government should be responsible for emergency and professional health care because according to the Preamble, we are entitled by law to the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In order to maintain life we sometimes need emergency and professional health care. This is just a natural part of life’s ups and downs.

We also have personal responsibilities. We have to take a part in making Obama’s health care plan work. We need to take care of our own bodies by not abusing ourselves with drugs, smoking and alcohol. It is up to us to get exercise and proper rest. It is up to us to eat properly and drink plenty of water. The government cannot do these things for us. We are responsible for taking care of ourselves. We have to do our part. We have to take preventative measures against unhealthy choices.

The government should provide emergency care and visits to doctors and dentists, for example. But we need to take care of our own bodies and prevent emergencies by being educated, informed and by making good choices.

James Metzgar 1Middle of the road approach
By James Metzgar

My opinion about health care is this. I take a middle of the road approach. I do not think health care should be free, but neither should it be so expensive that it would keep people from getting care when they need it.

In countries where health care is free, it is paid for by taxes so people do not pay when receiving treatment. It looks free, but it is not! This can lead people to be negligent about taking care of their own health and hypochondriacs may take up too much time with doctors.

I do believe it is the government’s responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to affordable health care.

I would suggest that a possible a way to make health care affordable nationwide would be to take a small amount from people’s pay checks but also to require co payments so there is some difference according to how much you have medical treatment.

Greg Nelson, June 2013What we do is important
By Gregory Nelson

It feels good to encourage people. I love the De Paul students and I feel especially good when I encourage them. They are like my own kids. I like to ask them about their tests and papers and I encourage them to try their hardest and to have faith in themselves. Without faith and courage you can’t do well or go on.

I would like the students to know that I am here for them. A friend. I tell them to feel free to come to me with problems, whatever they are, because I love them all.


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