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Alex Nunez: back and ready for action

Wed, Apr 10, 2013

Alex Nunez

Working as a StreetWise vendor for two years, Alex Nunez is the embodiment of strong resilience and boundless compassion.

After taking some time off for personal reasons, Alex has returned to the corners of Chicago/Rush and Randolph/Wacker to sell her papers, cater to her loyal customers, and have a fresh start with the business that changed her life.

As the recent recipient of the Most Improved Vendor Award last year, Alex has consistently demonstrated her passion and dedication.

“I want to gain people’s interests and amaze them with my creativity and marketing skills,” Alex said. “I care about my customers and want to be different from all the other vendors out there.”

Being an avid commercial watcher, Alex has utilized her creativity and marketing experiences to devise a system of incentives to encourage more people to buy her papers.

Though it began as a simple buy one, get one free gimmick, the strategy has grown to include small holiday gift bags and last Christmas, Alex even created a big sign to further publicize her sales.

“It took a lot of time and effort, but I got nothing but positive feedback,” Alex said. “A gift bag from me is basically a gift from the bottom of my heart. I know I don’t have to do it but I want to.”

After expressing sincere gratitude for all the customers that have come her way, Alex went on to talk about how StreetWise has not only been a source of steady financial support but also emotional support.

“Even if I don’t get anything from my customers, just a smile or hello is rewarding enough and I’m very thankful for all of their support,” Alex said.

According to Alex, her involvement with StreetWise started off rough but her perseverance always shines through and she strongly urges any and every one to check out the StreetWise organization.

She even offered to personally assist people struggling with creativity or marketing issues themselves.

“You can make it a positive experience. If you don’t really succeed then and there, keep trying. Don’t ever give up because you can make a difference, especially with StreetWise,” Alex said.

Since her return to StreetWise, Alex is more focused than ever to make her son proud and is optimistic that one day, she will be able to work for a major sales firm.

“I feel like I’m a big part of this organization. I feel like I’m somebody special,” Alex said.

“I have more confidence now and as long as I keep working hard, I think everything will be okay.”

By Brittany Reyes,
StreetWise Contributor


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