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StreetWise Vendor Compositions: Autumn Leaf Workshop

Thu, Nov 1, 2012

This week we worked with leaves at the writing workshop. We traced or drew the leaves. We also cut up and pasted leaves onto different colored papers. Herbs served as an unexpected sensory touch. We really got into the fall mode.

I saw some leaves I had never seen before. I felt some soft, lamb’s ear leaves that made me think of a precious lamb. I examined red leaves with veins that captured my imagination. I liked the purple leaves with the green veins.

The various aromas from the basil, the parsley and the rosemary created a special ambiance that contributed to the mood of this very unique workshop.

– By Beth Ruegg

Dennis Holmes

Ivy grows on the brick walls at Wrigley Field every summer. The ball park is decorated with ivy. The ivy leaves are bigger than I thought they would be. There was ivy at the game I went to a few weeks ago, but I was busy watching the Cubs!

– By Dennis Holmes

Sylvester Quast

They sound like scratching a record, pouring milk in Rice Crispies, Broken Bones.

– By Sylvester Quast

This workshop was an herbal, food seasoning, plants and fragrance experience!

I smelled the individual aroma of each plant. I felt the textures of the different leaves. The differences between the plants really gave me something to think about.

Some of the plants were furry, like the lamb’s ear. Some felt like cotton or velvet. The purple aster looked like a daisy. The mint smelled like poison. I liked thinking about the message that each different plant told.. Each plant told a story.

We touched and smelled the plants and then were able to draw and write a description of our experiences.

– By Beatrice Carestone

Three October Poems

Leaves are now falling on pumpkins
The winds delightfully sail through the air
Sweet aromas of apples and caramels
Set the mood for Halloween
And the creative energies
Costumes bring.

– By Beth Ruegg

Leaves turn yellow and brown
as they fall down
The weather is cool
not too cold yet
But soon it will be cold
and wet
It was cold this morning
I needed gloves
Early in the morning
before the sun rose
My hands that held the papers
were cold.

– By Dennis Holmes

I notice about fall weather the changes
not all for the better
Rain not sunshine
In autumn it’s jacket weather.
But Fall has a pleasantness,
a decentness.
I like the colors.
The leaves turning orange and yellow,
tannish brown,
and all piled on the ground.

– By Beatrice Carestone


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