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Vendor Profile: Gerald Rollings, on his way to the top

Thu, Sep 27, 2012

Gerald Rollings

Gerald Rollings is a mere 24 years old and he’s already acquired the skills of a top salesman. Before he arrived at StreetWise to work as a vendor, Gerald worked as a door-to-door salesman selling magazine subscriptions. He believes that his past work experience will help him become very successful in his new job.

When asked what makes him such a great salesman, Gerald said, “Because I’m great at everything I do, because I put my all into everything and I work hard at it. Nothing is really a big challenge for me, because as long as I put my heart and mind into some-thing, I can do anything. I just have to stay motivated.”

What’s even more unique about Gerald’s approach to his work is that he not only puts his all into his work, he also takes great care in the way he dresses and appears to his customers.

“When I was in the magazine business, we always had to wear ties and dress pants and a nice shirt. But my dress has come from just watching other businesspeople and seeing how they dress,” Gerald said. “I don’t want to wear ‘hoodish’ clothes, so I dress in suits now. Every day I wear a suit. Every day I have a suit. I’ll put it like this… your appearance to people is everything. So when they look at you, you want them to think that you’re on your way to being successful. You don’t want them to look at you and see an average street person.”

Gerald also hopes to save a lot of the money he makes working for StreetWise, because he’d like to fund his education. “I want to go to law school… John Marshall Law School. I want to be successful in that, so I’m putting my all into it,” Gerald said.

His motivation to do well in school not only stems from his personal ambitions, but he also hopes to make his family proud, being the oldest of six children. “I’d be one of the first people to [go to college] in my family… I am the light to my family right now, so everything I do affects them, because they expect more out of me. So if I go to law school, that will bring joy to them,” Gerald said.

Gerald would describe himself as a fun person who is easy to get along with. “I like to joke every now and then. I get serious when I need to be,” Gerald said. In his spare time, Gerald likes to spend time playing basketball and following sports. “I like all types of sports. I love LeBron James and I like Kobe [Bryant], too. I also like Serena Williams, the tennis player. And I love basketball. Three-pointers all day! Me and my brother, we played basketball ever since we were little,” Gerald said.

StreetWise has big hopes for Gerald and we have a good feeling he will succeed in the goals he’s set for himself. “It’s very rare that I would recommend a vendor in training to be profiled in the magazine but Mr. Rollings struck me as an obvious exception, due to his drive, dedication and willingness he displayed to overcome past obstacles and take advantage of the StreetWise opportunity in a positive way from day one,” said Greg Pritchett, StreetWise director of vendor services and distribution. “He possesses all the tools needed to succeed.”

Brittany Langmeyer, StreetWise Staff


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