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Jimmy Beckless: One in a million

Thu, May 10, 2012

Quite often, we don’t take time to slow down and re¬lay our sentiments about the “goodness in others.” As I headed out this morning with my camera in tow, only I knew the photo I wanted to capture that speaks for itself! Jimmy is “MY” StreetWise vendor and it isn’t because other vendors are hard to locate. Jimmy is a perfect representative and vendor for StreetWise because of his attentive ways to EVERY person; whether they purchase the magazine or not. Numerous times, I’ve watched him as he interacts with others… wishes everyone a ‘good day.’ What’s really special about Jimmy is that he will provide insight about a special article in StreetWise! He’ll even let you know when the new edition is coming and with a smile, he says: “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I save a copy JUST FOR YOU!” When I walk away from conversing with Jimmy, I feel special! I find that even though I have the most updated copy, I’ll walk down just to say good morning! Talk about “StreetWise marketing strategies!”

I slow my pace for a moment today to pay a compliment about the content in StreetWise and to acknowledge someone that makes pleasant days for many! These are simple things but perhaps from my viewpoint, these simplicities cannot be noticed at the detail level that I experience daily!

Thank you for all the opportunities presented to Jimmy via StreetWise!

Written by Norma Adams,
StreetWise supporter


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