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Arlowe Garron: Shy man on a mission

Wed, Sep 28, 2011

Arlowe Garron

Despite describing himself as shy, Arlowe Garron has been out in the city selling StreetWise for nearly a year. In January, Garron arranged an interview with the magazine, which his brother had been selling. Once a vendor, Garron began selling issues of the magazine on the Madison Street Bridge, but has recently moved to Washington Street. Of selling StreetWise, Garron said, Ar

“I like being with the people. Some of them are friendly, some are not. It’s all about how you perceive yourself to them.”

As a vendor, Garron makes sure to let his customers know grateful he is for their business. “I always tell them that it helps out, and by buying it you’re helping out myself and other vendors,” he said. With three children to provide for, Garron hopes that StreetWise will help him reach his goals. ”I’d like to be stable in a stable job, stable income, have a nice place to stay and be able to take care of my kids the way I should,” ha said. “They are my motivation because they always want something and I try to give them everything they want.”

Garron hopes his motivation to work hard will instill the same values in his children. For his oldest son, Lowell, 16, “I try to teach him to be respectful and stay in school and get his education and try to find out what he wants to do.” Likewise, Garron hopes his two daughters, Arianna, 7, and Chanel, 14, will grow up to be strong, independent young women. “Try to stay in school and don’t ever depend on a man. Always try to have your own, and don’t ever let anybody take advantage of you,” he said.

Beyond being motivated by his children, Garron relies on his faith to get him through tough times. Garron said that his mantra is, “Pray everyday and believe that God will see me through each and every situation.” Native to Chicago and brought up as a Christian, Garron has a deep love for his family here. “My mother was a very nice lady and she loved her children and took care of us really well,” he said. His parents were married for 50 years, and Garron said he still maintains a good relationship with his father.

“My mom always said, ‘If you can’t make it in Chicago, you can’t make it anywhere,’” Garron said. With his motivation and dedication to making a good life for his children, Garron is sure to make it in Chicago, and anywhere else he sets his sights on.

Written by Kim Cummins & Brittany Langmeyer
StreetWise Editorial Intern & StreetWise Staff


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