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ScreenWise: The Hangover Part II

Wed, Jul 20, 2011

Paul Meekin
StreetWise Contributor

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I know I’m overthinking things here, but I couldn’t get over just how damn superficial the The Hangover: Part II i s. None of the characters have depth, everyone is a jerk, or a liar, or a cheat, or a drug addict, or weird, and yet in the end everything turns out fine for everyone who has acted badly. Don’t we go to the movies to escape reality?

I understand this is a gross-out comedy for drunken frat boys, but even movies like Old School or Dude, Where’s My Car have something in the way of character development. As it stands right now I can’t even remember any character names without looking at the Wikipedia.

The plot is a rinse and repeat of its predecessor. Characters wake up. Can’t remember anything. Search for clues. Get shot. Steal a boat. End up involved in some sort of ridiculous government sting operation. And finally get in a car chase over a monkey with secret bank codes. Those things actually happened in the movie. Hilarity was supposed to ensue, but none of these events were funny. It’s not enough for these characters to be back together with another hangover. The concept alone is not nearly as sturdy as the writers think it is.

The Hangover movies are essentially police procedurals without police. Characters show up at a location, ask what the hell happened, get a clue, and move on. If there were a murder involved, this could have played as a bad two-parter in Law and Order: Criminal Intent. If the pivotal scene of a summer blockbuster involves two characters who are not the principal actors exchanging money digitally while sitting at their computers, it’s probably about time to start wondering if the entire movie was written during a bad trip.


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ScreenWise: The Hangover Part II

  1. David says:

    Although I respect your opinion, and agree with all you said, but I have to say that the movie delivered all I had expected it to. It’s goofy, it’s stupid, and it’s the first one set in a new location. I was happy with it.

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