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Theater: ‘Macbeth’ at New Rock Theater

Wed, Jun 8, 2011

‘Macbeth’ at New Rock Theater

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a fierce examination into the life of one of the most renowned dramatic characters of all time: the charismatic leader Macbeth who transforms into a mass murderer. The play’s gruesome tale still holds relevance today as we live in an age of political rulers who, through their exuberant personalities, are able to manipulate a nation. At the top of the play, Macbeth appears as an admired leader. But as he is tempted by supernatural figures who mimic his own dark desires, he turns from virtuous to tragic. The performance is at 3933 N. Elston Ave. and shows are every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until June 25. For tickets, visit www.newrocktheater.com or call 708-699-4649.


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